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LeydenDb: The Genesis

22.Sep.15--Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, has delivered its first full production deployment of the LeydenDb system, an innovative high performance temporal NewSQL system developed in house to address the demanding needs of at scale IoT, CDR, and PM storage.

Initial real world measurements at our first customer (storing several types of Call Detail Records) shows a constant loading/indexing speed of 337 Thousand rows/second (or 1.215 Billion rows/hour) of time-oriented CDR data. Remarkably these constant performance levels have been achieved and maintained using a single 2RU low cost commodity x86 server.

Actual system tested (and deployed): one (1) Xeon(R) E5-2630 2.60GHz CPU and four (4) Seagate 4TB 7200 RPM 6.0Gbps SAS hard drives. The deployment could have easily been implemented with a smaller 1 RU server, however eight (8) drives bays remain free for future system expansion.

This innovative multi-user temporal SQL database maintains linear performance in excess of ten (10) terabytes of data. Utilizing LeydenDb's capability to handle massive data sets where most end-user queries are resolved in a matter of milliseconds.

QuantumSI is both proud and enthusiastic to base its current and future products, on LeydenDb now that is has been released from stealth mode. The ability to give our clients up to 100X database performance at scale using simple single server deployments is a clear strategic differentiator for our product line with a simple 'plug-in' upgrade to swap out more traditional (and much slower) database back-ends. Current QuantumSI customers can upgrade and accelerate existing deployments for a modest upcharge by contacting sales@quantumsi.com.

The name LeydenDb (pronounced: "Lead·ing Db") is derived from the device known as a Leyden jar, a system that essentially captures 'lightning in a bottle'. After constantly being disappointed with both traditional RDBMS and the hype from specialized database vendors, an early prototype of LeydenDb was created by QuantumSI engineers in 2011. In the next few years it was used internally at Quantum for several proof of concept technologies. Eventually in 2013 and 2014 it was christened LeydenDb and matured into a production at scale hardened system.

A single 2RU LeydenDb server can easily replace a massive forty (40) node MySQL cluster. Please contact QuantumSI for a white paper, or a direct engagement, to find out how LeydenDb can drastically reduce both capital and operational costs.