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LeydenDb: Enters General Release

20.Sep.18--LeydenDb, The Company, would like to thank our seven Early Adoption Program partners, without whom our first General Release e.g. LeydenDb version 1.0 would not be nearly as effective or flexible. Although the Early Adoption Program is now closed there may be exceptions if your target use case is strategic, as such all future requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

The LeydenDb was so successful that one partner actually ported every application suite they sell away from traditional SQL databases to use LeydenDb, achieving a dramatic reduction in costs in both third party and hardware costs for their end clients.

Why LeydenDb, a multi-terabyte high performance NewSQL database designed for Big Data, a few highlights:

  • Finding connections and relations across hundreds of billions of records made easy
  • Proven in production, runs under budget on minimal hardware, never slows down
  • Reduces both capital and operational costs, yet provides best in class performance
  • 1 RU server, Spinning disks, 337 Thousand rows/second (or 1.215 Billion rows/hour)
  • 1 RU server, NVMe SSD disks, 827 Thousand rows/second (or 2.977 Billion rows/hour)
  • These benchmarks were done on a single low cost sub $2,000 commodity compute node
  • The sky's the limit, no more server farms, no more clouds, unless you want them

LeydenDb running on a state of the art twin Intel Xeon Gold 6142 server

  • 2 RU server, Optane disks, 5.32 Million rows/second (or 19.152 Billion rows/hour)

To obtain a single instance license, a site license, or even purchase core technology, contact the LeydenDb team at sales@leydendb.io and we will schedule an initial consult.

If you wish to subscribe to our mailing list and also receive white papers and case studies contact the LeydenDb team at info@leydendb.io (subject to an executed NDA).