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LeydenDb: The Spinoff

17.Jan.17--Quantum Systems Integrators, Inc., aka QuantumSI, has spun off a new joint venture, which will be focused solely on the commercialization of the LeydenDb, an innovative high performance temporal NewSQL system. Due to the massive potential of minimizing operational costs while improving performance while address the demanding needs IoT (general), CDR (telco), PM (statistical), Connections (social) a separate business entity was deemed appropriate.

The new company will be headed by one of QuantumSI's founders and longtime CTO, Jon Strabala. A 25-year veteran in the software industry, Mr. Strabala, has extensive domestic and international experience in software development, product launches, and startup consulting. Fortunately Mr. Strabala has agreed to continue on part-time at QuantumSI to ensure business continuity for the foreseeable future. QuantumSI will remain focused on complete software stacks in the areas of Billing and Performance Management, while Mr. Strabala will follow his passion of company formation and launching new technology startups. The LeydenDb Team looks forward to utilizing Mr. Strabala's unique proven skills in product development and launch, establishment new business, and formation of strategic partnerships in the big data sector in his new CEO position at LeydenDb.

QuantumSI will maintain a minority stake in the fledgling company LeydenDb and bi-directional technology transfer agreements have been put in place for the benefit of QuantumSI customers.